Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Ducati Scrambler Has Landed.....

The modern day Ducati Scrambler has definitely landed with a bump, in the Land of Joy!  After a lengthy Ducati advertising campaign, finally the 2015 Scrambler is here and there's every reason to be happy about it!

Officially unveiled in all it's glory at the INTERMOT show last week, the Ducati Scrambler has not only one version but four for you to choose from, starting with the most affordable model, the Icon Scrambler which is available in two colour options '62 yellow and Ducati Red of course.  At the entry level price of just £6,895 in the yellow and £6,995 in red, it makes it affordable as a second bike!

The other models are the Urban Enduro in wild green, the ideal companion with which to get around urban obstacles with agility and the less travelled roads. The brown leather seat with a ribbed design offers first-class ergonomic comfort. Priced at £7,995. 

The Full Throttle version inspired by the flat track world and equipped with a Termignoni racing exhaust homologated for road use in Deep Black & Yellow colours is priced at £7,995.

Finally the Classic Scrambler in Sunshine Orange aimed at those who appreciate attention to detail and 1970s style, but who don't want to compromise on riding pleasure and the functionality of a modern bike.

The new 2015 Ducati Scrambler is powered by the air-cooled 803cc V-twin engine from the Monster 796 but has been revamped to provide smooth acceleration throughout the rev range and makes 75hp and 50lbft. 

Read our full Ducati Scrambler review complete with all the specifications or give us a call on 01508 471919, now taking deposits for delivery in February.

The Classic in Sunshine Orange

The Icon in '62 Yellow

The Icon in Ducati Red

The Enduro in Wild Green

Full Throttle in Deep Black & Yellow

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