Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Motorcycling – The Secret to a Happy Life!

We know it…. and if you own a motorcycle, you probably know it…. but now it’s official because motorcycling has topped a nationwide poll on happiness.

A poll conducted by ICM, a leading survey organisation contact 1514 people from across the UK, on behalf of Gardeners' World magazine.  What's that got to do with motorcycling I hear you ask, well they wanted to try and discover what hobbies make people the happiest.

They asked the question: "How satisfied are you with your life nowadays?", and Motorcycling received the largest number of 'strong positive' responses, ahead of Fishing which got the second largest number of responses.  Running, Swimming, Driving and Camping had the third largest number of responses in case you are wondering.

When asked the question: "To what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?" Motorcycling again received the most amount of 'strong positive' responses, ranking higher than Camping and Fishing.

Motorcycling also ranked highly in the survey's 'Wellbeing Index' which showed motorcycling as having the largest number of responses in the 'strong positive' category again.

Outdoor hobbies made people 69% happy, compared to 31% who had indoor hobby! 

If you are wondering where the Gardeners were in all of this, 80% of gardeners are satisfied with their lives.  The survey also indicated that gardeners are more positive, too, in fact the keener gardener you are, the more positive your outlook is likely to be.

So the secret to a content and happy life is to be a green fingered motorcyclist who loves to garden, and park your motorbike next to the lawn mower in the garage.

Maybe try both at the same time!!!!

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