Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sshhhhh - It’s a Ducati Panigale or is it?

The unmistakable sound of a Ducati is usually a factor in parting with your hard earned cash, along with the stunning good looks and great handling, but not in Japan apparently.

Being Kawasaki dealers as well as selling Dukes, we were amused when we read that the Japanese motorcycle market felt the Ducati 1199 Panigale was a bit too loud.  No, I hear you shout, but yes, modifications were made before it was released in Japan.

So how would you make the Ducati Panigale a little quieter, may be some extra baffle or tweak the ECU?  No, a revised exhaust system adding reportedly 8 lbs to the stock system, along with a black carbon fiber snorkel, a larger plastic clutch cover, and a revised engine map.   They say that the Japanese Panigale is one of those things that once you have seen it, it cannot be forgotten!

In addition, the article we read reported that peak horsepower is said to be limited to 135 hp.    You have to feel for our fellow Ducatisti in Japan, but thank goodness for Termignoni’s, is all we can say! 
We'll stick with our noisy Panigale.

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