Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Knox Handroid Gloves – Gimmick or Cutting Edge?

Whilst these motorcycle gloves have been on the market for a couple of years now, having just taken stock of the Handroid from Knox, we were keen to see for ourselves what makes these worth the price tag.

The Knox Handroid certainly looks the part, with futuristic styling and the funky exo-skeleton which is designed to protect the fingers and knuckles.  In fact they would not look out of place on Tony Stark (according to Wired magazine), even though they are not make out of iron!

One thing Knox has got right is the soft but super strong kangaroo leather that covers the inside palm and fingers whilst the long rubber ‘tendons’ on the outside move freely.   Another positive point is that Knox is a British company and world renown for their protective motorcycle gear, they know what they are doing.

The Boa lacing system on the Handroid gives precision adjustment around your entire wrist, by simply turning the dial, an ingenious way to tighten and remove the gloves.  Boa lacing systems have been used in Snowboarding equipment so is a well-tested method.

Why not take a look for yourself and see exactly how the Handroid glove moves, Knox has a great video, see http://www.knox-lab.com/hand-armour. 

Reassuringly expensive is a term that is used a lot but in this case the price does take into account the technology and quality that offers some of the best protection money can buy.  At around £160 they need to WOW you so why not come into Seastar Superbikes and look for yourself and see if you agree.
Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves


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